Openworld Villages Joins Initiatives for Global Change

Three global forums focusing on innovations in community development are bringing principals of Openworld Villages into their strategy discussions.

The Antigua Forum, an annual gathering of global investors and changemakers sponsored by the University Francisco Marroquin, invited Openworld Villages co-founder Mark Frazier on January 16-17, 2015 to share ideas on accelerating the growth of intentional communities. In two days of discussions, facilitated by Robert Quevedo, a working group mapped opportunities for Openworld Villages to catalyze local-level zoning and building code reforms, and create toolkits to jumpstart development of Tiny House Communities in the United States and abroad.

The WorldFix, a new global network that has formed to promote innovations in governance, has invited Openworld Villages to share ideas in an upcoming Congress in the British Virgin Islands. Organized by Sunny Sangha of the Artha Group, other founding members of TWF include Zachary Caceres of the Startup Cities Institute, Marcin Jakobowski of Open Source Ecology, Ben Knight of Loomio, Joe Quirk of the Seasteading Institute, Michael Strong of Radical Social Entrepreneurs, and Joshua Vial of Enspiral.

Initiatives of Openworld Villages will also be highlighted in the Building the New World Conference, a May 28-31 global gathering in Roanoke, Virginia.  Openworld Villages cofounders Fred Oesch and Mark Frazier will be conducting a workshop on "Planning Micro-Communities of the Future: The Tiny House Movement and Beyond." Other speakers at the conference, which is being organized by the Oracle Institute, include author Charles Eisenstein and futurists Barbara Marx Hubbard and Jerome C. Glenn.