Openworld Villages Resources


Free starter PACKS

Openworld Villages offers, as a free starter resource, checklists useful to entrepreneurs and localities embarking on EcoVillage and/or Tiny House Community development:

  • Gathering Site Data for Ecovillages and Tiny House Communities
  • Overview of Development Steps
  • Cost-Savings from Tiny House and Ecovillage Living
  • Regulatory Challenges Facing Tiny House Villages 
  • Creating an Openworld Villages Community Land Trust
  • 'Next College' – A Learn-by-Doing Alternative to Higher Education

Click here to see expanded descriptions and to download the starter packs.



Strategies for communities to bootstrap alternatives to traditional programs:

Tiny House Communities: A New Way to Thrive in Challenging Times

A presentation on trends favoring emergence of microhomes, regulatory obstacles that hold them back, and opportunities for 'crowdmoves' to localities that provide sites and policy reforms.


Seeding Grass Roots Recovery - how municipalities can encourage neighborhood residents to set up lasting self-help agreements (Mark Frazier for Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations)

Philanthropy for a Post-Scarcity Economy: Creating Inclusive Free Market Communities - how shares in land trusts can enable residents of communities to thrive (Mark Frazier for Conference on the Economics of Philanthropy)

Opening the World - how online communities can use digital donations to encourage local actions that awaken land values for shared benefit (Mark Frazier for Princeton Microfinance Organization)

UbiquityU: The Rise of Disruptive Learning  - strategies to expand affordable peer learning and lifelong learning networks  (Mark Frazier for The Freeman)