Opportunities for Residents


Openworld Villages offers opportunities, in partnering Ecovillage and Tiny House Communities, for residents to enjoy more fulfilling lives through:

  • Lowering living costs by making homes a source of income (AirBnb Startup Package); 
  • Increasing income via cottage industry ventures (Home-based Ventures Package);
  • Gaining shares in rising land values (Community Land Trust/Endowment Zone Package); 
  • Upgrading amenities through lasting self-help associations (Community Associations Package)
  • Accessing peer support and wellness resources (Peer Support Package); and
  • Building skills via free courses and 'learn by doing" projects (Next College Package).

We provide partnering communities with a range of innovative packages for residents toward these ends.



  • Sample forms to create a LLC for AirBnB rentals;
  • Guidelines for depreciating initial investment in a Tiny House on Wheels (THOW) that is rented out on a part- or full-time basis (full depreciation is possible within 2-8 years);
  • "Equity Onramp" opportunities for co-ownership of a tiny house, with ownership shared by an investor and a manager who assists AirBnb guests (the manager may live in the house during times when it is not rented); and 
  • Model agreements for an EcoVillage/Tiny House Community developer to provide owners with turnkey guest services (including check-ins/check outs and cleaning services) for short-term rentals.



  • A "Market Opener" guide on launching home-based telework and cottage industry ventures;
  • Guidance on entry and marketing for leading freelance markets (Freelancer.com, Elance/ODesk, Etsy, Lulu, Mechanical Turk, etc); and
  • Guidance on entry and marketing for local sharing economy ventures (such as Lyft, Uber, ThredUp, DogVacay, and SwapTree).



  • Creating Community Land Trusts/Endowment Zones to reward self-help efforts;
  • Types of volunteer efforts that do most to lift local property values attractive (cleanup/fixup, crime prevention, arts/music events, skill-sharing, etc.);
  • Tracking volunteer contributions (Youtube/Vimeo uploads, Slideshare, etc.); and 
  • Sharing revenues from Community Land Trusts/Endowment Zones to residents who help improve conditions.



  • Understanding contractual community associations; 
  • Participating in Home Owner Association/Condo Association decision-making and service provision; 
  • Cost savings via group purchase of insurance policies; and
  • Ways to reduce monthly Association fees for support of EcoVillage and Tiny House Community infrastructure and services.



  • Neighbors helping neighbors (internal network for residents of Openworld Villages);
  • Other online support/coaching networks; and
  • Wellness/health networks (including PatientsLikeMe.com).



  • Finding your passion;
  • Overview of free online courses/learning circles for new life skills;
  • Introductory work-study projects (a choice of entry-level options in freelancing, solar power, microfarming, wellness, and 3D printing);
  • access to scheduled or on-call tutors or teaching assistants; and
  • Certification/digital portfolios (via uploads (to Youtube and Vimeo) of learn-by-doing projects).