Opportunities for Landowners and Developers


In the pre-launch phase, landowners and developers eyeing new Ecovillage and Tiny House Community opportunities often face questions such as these:

  • How can I organize my development venture?
  • What lessons can be learned from established EcoVillage and Tiny House Community projects?
  • What can make my project stand out for the target market segment(s)?
  • How do I know I have the right site?
  • What local legal and regulatory issues will need to be resolved?
  • How should I phase the project in terms of site preparation, infrastructure, and initial dwelling costs?
  • What sort of prospectus should I prepare for financial backers?
  • Where can I find model operating agreements (lease/buy agreements, covenants, management contracts, etc.)?

Once the village becomes operational, other questions often arise:

  • How can I mount effective ongoing marketing and promotion campaigns to attract short-stay visitors (via AirBnb and related sites)?
  • What kind of risk engineering can help keep insurance costs low?
  • What practices will increase absorption rates and retention rates of tenants?
  • How can we handle "problem case" issues with residents and resolve disputes that may arise?

Openworld Villages works with landowners and developers on project sites that range in size from approximately five to hundreds of acres.  

Our team has experience working on bootstrap new community startups and with well-funded development ventures – let's map how best we can help your project succeed!