Frequently Asked Questions


Q1:  Why openworld VILLAGES?

EcoVillages and Tiny House Community initiatives are forming around the country. Many are looking for insights on how to bootstrap effectively, and generate maximum revenues for sustainable growth. Openworld Villages aims to be a one-stop source of practical tools and innovative strategies for their success.


Q2:  How are you set up and funded?  what is your revenue model?

The founders are self-funding the launch of Openworld Villages as a nonprofit, non-stock Virginia Business Trust. This framework allows more flexibility than a tax-exempt foundation to operate as a revenue-generating venture. We expect that our principal near-term sources of income will be from provision of fee-for-service consulting to local intentional community development ventures, as well as to municipalities seeking to improve policies to attract these kinds of projects.  We also will explore with foundations and philanthropists ways of incorporating Community Land Trust and Endowment Zone elements for these ventures (as discussed in Opportunities for Residents).

In addition, Openworld Villages is exploring revenue-sharing partnerships in the United States and abroad with a select group of private developers that have prime sites.  Our aim with these projects will be to establish exemplary communities offering a full range of services and amenities for residents to have an "alive and whole" lifestyle – including new learning, wellness, and other opportunities to engage with neighbors.


Q3:  WHat projects are you helping now?

In our startup phase, our prime focus is on assisting communities located near the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia and North Carolina. We are also open to exploring ways we can help projects in other parts of the United States, as well as in emerging markets abroad.


Q4:  what services do you offer?

We offer free startup resources as well as a range of downloadable articles and presentations on opportunities to awaken assets for community development. In addition, we can provide a range of project planning and support services for landowners and private developers, as well as for municipalities.