Preparing for New EcoVillage and Tiny House Community Opportunities

As traditional approaches to community development falter, a new era of opportunities for EcoVillages and Tiny House Communities is emerging. 

This vision has inspired the cofounders Mark Frazier, Fred Oesch, and David Vanderveer to launch Openworld Villages as a nonprofit venture that will provide tools and startup support to emerging intentional communities.

"We feel it is the right time to share our experiences in ways that can accelerate the spread of sustainable communities," said Frazier, the President/CEO of the new venture. "Innovations in building techniques and the rise of AirBnb and other sharing economy platforms are reducing the startup resources needed for successful new communities."

Frazier, who also serves as president of Openworld, Inc., has experience in pre-investment studies and policy reform projects in 50+ countries as well as in state and local projects across North America.

Another cofounder of Openworld Villages is Fred Oesch, head of Oesch Environmental Design and a leading specialist in EcoVillage design. Oesch has been a principal of residential community and resort development projects in the US and abroad. He oversees physical planning for Openworld Villages projects.

David Vanderveer, cofounder and Chairman of Openworld Villages, is owner of White Lotus Eco Retreat, a leading venue for special events located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The 21-acre site has attracted a world-wide clientele and top ratings on AirBnb and other sites from hundreds of short- and long-stay visitors.

"Together, we are gearing up to offer free starter tools, a spectrum of fee-paid services, and revenue sharing partnerships with high potential EcoVillage and Tiny House Community ventures," said Frazier. "We are excited at prospcts for emergence of freer, more affordable, and replicable EcoVillages and Tiny House Communities."